Cordless Drill Reviews - What to Know Before Buying a New Cordless Drill


Whether you're a professional craftsman, plumber, electrician, woodworker, or just someone who enjoys working on DIY projects around the house, one tool you can't be without is a good cordless drill. Finding the right drill can sometimes be tough though, which is why it's always a good idea to do your research and read some of the cordless drill reviews available online from other consumers.

What are some things to consider when looking for a good drill?

Power - Depending on the type of work you do will determine whether you need a high-powered drill, or just a drill with adequate power. If you only do small projects around the house, you can get by with a simple 12-14.4v drill. If you do professional work, then you're going to want a 15.6-18v.

Battery Life - One of the most annoying things has to be working on a project only to have your drill run out of battery on you. Make sure when you're looking through cordless drill reviews, that they mention battery life and that the drill you're considering has good reviews regarding the battery.

Comfort and Grip - If you're going to be holding something in your hand for a while and drilling holes through hard material, you definitely want it to feel comfortable in your hand. On top of comfort, you want the drill to have good grip so that you don't accidentally drop it and risk damaging the drill.

Size and Weight - If you work in small, tight areas, then you need a drill small enough to fit into them. Weight is also another factor to consider because the heavier the drill is, the more tired your arm will get as you try to hold it up for longer periods of time. Good cordless drill reviews will mention the  weight and size of the drill you're considering.

There are of course a few more factors you want to look at when purchasing a cordless drill, but those four above are the main ones you need to consider.


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